16. September 2021

QUANTRON launches electric 12-metre bus

8. September 2021

Ballard Power Systems and Quantron AG announce a strategic partnership for the development of hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks

3. September 2021

Michael Perschke becomes CEO and Member of the Board at Quantron AG

30. August 2021

Tested and confirmed throughout Germany: QUANTRON electric waste disposal vehicles convince. Now with 5 year warranty.

24. August 2021

QUANTRON presents its broad portfolio of zero-emission commercial vehicles at four trade fairs

12. August 2021

IKEA receives 30 electric transporters from QUANTRON

4. August 2021

A new global player: Quantron AG strengthens its global presence through a share swap with Ev Dynamics

26. July 2021

BMVI plans to encourage companies to switch to electromobility

19. July 2021

Wilhelmshaven – HyExpert application: Supported by QUANTRON partner Hydrogentle GmbH

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