E-municipal services

E-municipal services

Whether waste management or city cleaning: e-mobility for municipal sector activities.


Power: 350 kW
Battery: 200 – 280 kWh
Range: up to 200 km


Power: 350 kW
Battery: 200 – 280 kWh
Range: up to 200 km


Power: 235 – 350 kW
Battery: 130 – 280 kWh
Range: up to 230 km

Power: 235 – 550 kW
Battery: 130 – 630 kWh
Range: up to 500 km

QHB waste collection vehicle

Zero-emission and quiet

The QHB 27-280 (based on the Mercedes-Benz Econic) has been on the road in Germany since mid-2020 and has been successfully tested in over 20 waste disposal companies . For example, the waste collection vehicle was used in normal operation for more than two weeks at the waste management company of the city of Ulm: around 900 waste garbage cans a day on an average route of 80 km. With a battery capacity of 280 kWh, no problem for the QHB. The emission-free and quiet vehicle is not only a benefit for local residents. The elimination of exhaust fumes and engine noise also significantly improves the working conditions of the refuse collectors on and in the vehicle.

In the Haller edition now with a 5 year warranty.*

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Facts and advantages of the QUANTRON conversion based on the Econic

Modular concept?


Suitable for repowering?

Yes, for new and existing vehicles (e.g. due to central engine concept)

Maximum load capacity rear axle:

13 metric tons (rear axle unchanged, twin tires)


up to 27 t GVW without gearbox (up to a gradient of 14.4 %, gearbox solutions available)

Power / torque:

max. 350 kW / max. 3500 Newton meter


200 kWh or 280 kWh


up to 200 km (sufficient for 9h shift incl. 2 removal tours)

HV Operating voltage:

650 V

Other advantages: Frame interior is not used (free space for superstructure / components), no single tires necessary on drive axle, no gearbox necessary for certain axle ratios / gradients, etc.

Feel free to compare these performance data with other e-waste vehicles. The waste collection vehicle from QUANTRON will convince you.


*Subject to technical feasibility, applies to chassis of selected vehicle types from Euro VI; bodywork excluded; our maintenance and warranty conditions apply.

QHB succesfully tested in over 20 waste disposal companies


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