Q-as a Service


All-round service for alternative drive integration

Q-Consulting is the first step on your journey to a climate-neutral and future-proof fleet. We support you and offer individual overall concepts and transparent recommendations for action.

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Q-as a Service - that is QUANTRON

All-encompassing service from A to Z

We guide you through the whole process of integrating alternative drives into your fleet, from A for analysis at the start to Z for zero-emission logistics. The first building block is our Q-Consulting service. But we go a step further and offer you all-encompassing support with Q-as a Service, from advice on converting vehicles and infrastructure requirements to the driver we make available.

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Hydrogen drive for commercial vehicles

We bring the hydrogen drive to vans weighing 3.49 metric tons (7,694 lbs) and over (future solutions available for any body and a wide variety of models from different manufacturers) and with our Energon to trucks weighing 44 metric tons (97,000 lbs). We will also be offering other vehicles with fuel cells in future and are working hard to achieve that. We work with H2Go GmbH to ensure we can give you individual, professional advice and help you achieve successful integration of hydrogen-powered e-mobility.

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