Q-as a Service - that is QUANTRON

Q-as a service:

all-encompassing service from A to Z

As a result of our cooperation, with Q-as a Service we offer you all-encompassing service from A for analysis at the start to Z for zero-emission logistics.

It all starts with our Q-Consulting. Our specialists are at your service from the start and work with you to plan the integration of alternative drives in your company. This includes planning and realization of the necessary infrastructure and consideration of existing set-ups, such as photovoltaic systems on company roofs, in addition to clarification of financing and opportunities for state funding.

In the second stage we give you the vehicles with alternative drives (electric, hybrid or fuel cell) in accordance with our sustainability concept Q-Repowering. You have several options: we can either convert your vehicles, or choose from the large selection of used vehicles on the market and electrify them for you. We can also convert new vehicles on request.

To ensure effective use of the vehicles in your fleet, our specialists train your drivers (or fleet managers) accordingly before commissioning. The topics range from the right way to charge the vehicles to efficient driving.

Q-Systems provides you with digital fleet management. Your vehicles are connected to the Q-Cloud, so you can keep everything under control. If a problem does arise, the direct connection to the vehicle means we can perform an initial remote diagnosis and trigger appropriate steps for you.

But we go a step further:
On top of the points mentioned above, Q-as a Service includes all other areas necessary for successful use of e-mobility – and all from one source. Whether you are buying, leasing, or renting the e-vehicles, we guide you from A to Z through all relevant stages of conversion and integration in your business. Do you, for example, want to exploit new potentials in the short term, generate customers and sales, and improve your ecological balance sheet? No problem. We can even supply the driver in future if you want. All our services are at your disposal and in future you only need to pay per consumed kW per hour.

That is what we’re all about. That is Q-as a Service. That is QUANTRON.

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Long-term rental: the easy way to e-mobility

Plant logistics

New possibilities on or traveling to the works premises

Every day around the world people and goods are transported using works transportation vehicles. The distances are always the same and can therefore be calculated exactly. In this respect, there is no better prerequisite for the use of e-vehicles. Fact is these vehicles do not cover long distances every day and can thus be charged either overnight or during an intermediate stop, e.g. during loading/unloading of goods. The environmental protection and savings potential is very high here. For diesel vehicles in particular, constant short journeys are not beneficial and can lead to higher service and operating costs. Our e-commercial vehicles are ideally suited for this type of driving profile. With Q-Logistics, we make it easier for you to take the step into e-mobility and thereby open up new paths for you.

Simply contact our specialists who will be happy to help you.


City logistics

Generate new delivery potential and customers

Our world is changing. For people, environmental protection is becoming increasingly more important and they no longer want to put up with the constant presence of exhaust gas and noise emissions. Nevertheless, consumption and, above all, the proportion of deliveries are increasing from year to year. Many customers, such as shops and restaurants, now also want an environmentally-friendly delivery of goods. All of this places considerable demands on delivery and logistics companies not to mention existing and upcoming driving prohibitions as well as ever-increasing levies. With our e-commercial vehicles, we offer a wide range of options especially for regional and inner-city freight transport. With Q-Logistics, we offer you an easy and uncomplicated way to achieve e-mobility. You not only improve your environmental balance but you also open up new delivery potential and customers.

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The first step towards local CO2-free and quiet waste disposal

Quantron AG offers a wide range of e-mobility solutions for waste disposal including the electrification of waste collection vehicles (new or used vehicles) based on the Econic model. In this sector, e-vehicles make perfect sense because these vehicles usually do not cover long distances, are used a lot in stop-and-go operations and can be fully charged overnight.

Thanks to the long-term rental option as well as attractive state subsidies, private waste management enterprises and municipal companies can easily integrate e-vehicles into their operations and thus significantly expand their service portfolio with emission-free and quiet disposal. People are literally fed up with the exhaust fumes and noise from commercial vehicles. This also increases the pressure placed on the local authorities. A local CO2-free and quiet waste disposal service can be easily implemented in the first step through our long-term rental offer. Furthermore, the reduced exhaust and noise emissions significantly improve the working conditions of the employees. With Q-Logistics, we take all the pressure off your shoulders and make taking the step towards e-mobility easier for you.

Simply contact our specialists who will be happy to help you.


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