We use our energies to make our world a little bit better every day. With CIZARIS, QUANTRON is therefore launching a fully electric city bus that takes passenger transport in urban areas to a new level.
CIZARIS is reliable, quiet and, thanks to zero emissions, makes a decisive contribution to the energy transition in urban transport. As CIZARIS is priced below current market prices for comparable BEV buses, the decision is no longer a question of price, but first and foremost a choice for a sustainable and quiet alternative.
All important information can be found in our Brochure.


Max. motor power cont.:

245 kW

Range max.:

 160 –  370 km*

Battery capacity:

242/281/363/422 kWh

Charging time:

3 – 5 h

Max. charging power (DC):

150 kW

Max. passenger capacity (max. seats):

95 (36)


available now

*after ESORT-2


Battery capacity




Max. motor power cont.


Passanger capacity

Empower the Future 

CIZARIS stands for sustainable and clean mobility, for freedom, safety and responsibility towards ourselves and future generations.
We contribute to changing the world in a sustainable way. CIZARIS is our contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and thus to achieving global climate goals.

Proven technology

Safety and reliability are QUANTRON’s top priorities.
This is why we rely on technologies and products from renowned manufacturers.
In addition to LFP4 batteries from the world’s leading producer CATL, our suppliers include renowned manufacturers such as Kiel, Knorr, Valeo and Isri.
In this way, we guarantee our customers additional services as well as a guaranteed supply of spare parts in case of an emergency.
Bus in motion

CIZARIS – That’s why 

  • attractive price-performance ratio
  • high range of up to 370 km (according to E-SORT 2)
  • proven and reliable technology
  • high safety due to MirrorEye Camera Monitor System
  • pleasantly quiet
  • no CO2 emissions during operation
  • available as right- and left-hand drive
  • all-round support through the QUANTRON Ecosystem
  • 8-year battery warranty

Thanks to the powerful e-motor and CATL’s battery system, CIZARIS has low energy consumption as well as a long range of up to 370 km according to E-SORT 2. The charging power is up to 150 kW with a battery capacity of up to 422 kWh.


An ergonomic driver’s workplace offers maximum comfort even in the standard version thanks to the air-suspended Isri seat with heating and cooling as well as an adjustable steering column.
adjustable steering column. The dashboard with large, high-resolution display
provides a perfect overview of the information relevant to the driver.


CIZARIS relies on proven vehicle technologies and high quality standards for all installed elements. An additional measure of safety for all road users is provided by the integrated MirrorEye Camera Monitor System (CMS). This provides an enlarged field of vision and reduced blind spots.

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CIZARIS promises sustainable mobility for everyone. Therefore, barrier-free boarding and alighting is part of the basic equipment of the city bus. A ramp facilitates boarding with a wheelchair or pram. The large and clearly arranged low-floor area has a large wheelchair space.

Safety for drivers and guests

To ensure the highest level of safety for the vehicle’s occupants, the CIZARIS therefore relies on vehicle technology that has been tried and tested thousands of times in continuous operation, as well as on high quality standards for the installed elements.
In addition to the rear view camera, the integrated MirrorEye Camera Monitor System (CMS) provides an all-round view of the interior and the immediate vehicle surroundings, which ensures safe driving by day and night and also provides protection for other road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Rooted in our home town

The name “CIZARIS” is a reference to the Augsburg city goddess Ciza. It shows our roots and the close connection to our home town of Augsburg – this is where it all began in 1882 with a horse-drawn carriage business run by the Haller family.
Today QUANTRON, the high-tech spin-off of the renowned Haller commercial vehicle group, is managed by Andreas Haller in the 5th generation.
“CIZARIS” also stands for the core values of our bus: Ideally suited for city traffic and with zero emissions.

Further information can be found in our CIZARIS brochure.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.