Innovation meets experience meets tradition

Quantron AG was created in 2019 as a high-tech spin-off of the well-known Haller GmbH & Co. KG, with the vision of paving the way for e-mobility in inner-city and regional passenger and cargo transportation. The Haller family company from Gersthofen was founded in 1882 and is currently managed by Andreas Haller, the fifth generation. With its own network of workshops, it specializes in service, maintenance and repair of vans, trucks, and buses.

QUANTRON thus combines e-mobility know-how with 140 years of commercial vehicle experience – unique worldwide!

“We understand the industry, the customers, the vehicle requirements and market developments very well thanks to our long tradition”, says Andreas Haller (founder and CEO of Quantron AG and Managing Partner of Haller GmbH & Co. KG).

The importance of diesel engines will continue to decline. The number of low or zero-emission commercial vehicles also needs to rise to meet future climate or CO2 goals. Governments respond with traffic bans and higher taxes to achieve the defined levels. With its innovative and workable e-mobility solutions, Quantron AG has an answer for all workshops and transportation companies, for municipal vehicles, and vehicles used for passenger transportation and at airports. Quantron AG combines innovative ability and expertise in e-vans, e-trucks and e-buses with the long-standing knowledge and experience of Haller GmbH & Co. KG in the classic commercial vehicle sector.

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