Engineering expertise meets series production

Quantron AG is not trying to reinvent the wheel. There is functional e-mobility technology for commercial vehicles and buses that runs smoothly every day in distribution and transportation vehicles – and this has been around for several years in some cases.

Our pioneering e-truck has been working quietly and with zero emissions since 2012. Quantron AG now picks up where our suppliers’ production capacity is limited: we take existing e-technology for vans, trucks and buses that actually works in practice and put it into series production.

We work with many well-known companies / retrofitters throughout Europe. Thanks to this cooperation, Quantron AG covers a majority of models from 3.4 to 44 metric tons (7,694 to 97,000 lbs) from many manufacturers, such as MAN, Mercedes, IVECO, DAF, Fiat and Cobus. This also allows us to expand our portfolio steadily. In terms of new e-buses, Quantron AG has the exclusive distribution rights in Germany for the Karsan Jest Electric and Atak Electric buses. By cooperating with Alltrucks, Quantron AG also has a vast service network, enabling us to provide excellent after-sales support for our customers. When it comes to Q-Battery, we work with CATL, the largest battery producer in the world.

Larger numbers are required to achieve a noticeable reduction in CO2 emissions from commercial vehicles in inner-city and regional passenger and cargo transportation. Quantron AG tries to be as resource-efficient and sustainable as possible. By specializing in the electrification of existing and used vehicles (repowering), Quantron AG uses vehicles that have already produced emissions during production. This offsets the CO2 emissions from battery production.

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