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Hydrogen drive for commercial vehicles

The transportation sector will also need to make a big contribution if we are going to achieve the first stage of the internationally agreed climate goals by 2030 and the final stage by 2050. Objectively speaking, we need zero-emission commercial vehicles right now to avoid impending fines, not in a few years. Municipal vehicles and buses are just as affected by this as the vans and trucks used in cargo transportation. Whether battery-powered e-mobility or fuel cells are the better solution is a common topic of discussion. But this cannot be an either-or question. A vehicle with hydrogen drive is still an electric vehicle, which gets its power from a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen in the so-called fuel cell. These two versions of e-mobility are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other in a broad range of zero-emission solutions for short and long journeys according to the usage profile of the vehicles, providing multiple possibilities for reducing companies’ carbon footprints.

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QUANTRON agrees partnership

with H2Go GmbH

Hydrogen drives for commercial vehicles (vans, trucks, buses) in passenger and cargo transportation are essential to achieve the internationally agreed climate goals.

That’s why Quantron AG (e-mobility specialist) and die H2Go GmbH (100% subsidiary of Hydrogentle GmbH and hydrogen experts) are bundling their expertise, enabling them to offer a joint package of hydrogen mobility solutions.

The whole topic is very complex. As a result, the joint range of products and services not only includes everything relating to commercial vehicles with fuel cells, but also customer service, customized hydrogen logistics, and thus the creation of customer-specific solutions and integrated hydrogen roadmaps. QUANTRON and H2Go compose customized solutions from the joint modular range of products and services for this purpose.

The following graphic shows the modular roadmap (developed by H2Go), on which the partnership between QUANTRON and H2Go is built. It illustrates the sequence of relevant steps within the framework of joint realization to achieve successful integration for the customer.

Q-Light FCEV

Fuel-cell transporter from 3.5 to 4.2 metric tons

Thanks to its wide range of superstructures the Q-Light FCEV can be used flexibly in different areas of application, e. g. in the logistics industry o ras a delivery vehicle. Thanks to its quiet and emission-free drive, the transporter can also be used during the day and at night. The payload of the Q-Light FCEV is analogous to that of a comparable diesel vehicle, the same applies for the refuelling time. Depending on requirements, the vehicle can be equipped with up to four hydrogen tanks and thus achieve a range of up to 500 km. In the future, the power of the fuel cell will also be scalable, so that the vehicle can be offered in different versions, such as a 7.2 t variant. The Q-Light FCEV is offered in cooperation with QUANTRON partner and fuel cell expert AE Driven Solutions, all components of the Q-Light FCEV comply with European safety standards. AEDS specializes in sustainable, hydrogen-based mobility and logistics concepts and has decades of experience and expertise in this sector. Prof. Dr. Achim Kampker (AEDS partner) and Ms. Stefanie Peters (AEDS partner through NEUMANN & Esser) confirm the statement of expertise.

Vehicle data Q-Light FCEV 4,2 t

GWV: 4200 kg
Power E-Mode: 100 kW (136 PS)
Torque E-Mode: 1150 Nm
Top speed: 90 km/h
Hydrogen per tank: ca. 2,1 kg

Range (2 / 4 tanks): 300 km/500 km
Power fuel-cell: 15 kW
Battery capacity: 37 kWh
Charging capacity: 6,6 kW
Battery charging cycles: 3.000


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H2-TRUCK presentation with Hubert Aiwanger


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The contents and illustrations on the website show, among other things, vehicles with special equipment or also partly vehicles in the development stage.

If you have any questions about which vehicles/models/variants are offered or can be repowered by QUANTRON, please contact us at sales@quantron.net.

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