The entire spectrum of e-mobility

There are almost no limits at Quantron AG: customers are given two different options for converting to e-mobility. Thanks to Q-repowering of used and existing vehicles, customers can electrify and continue using their existing fleet. If that is not an option, Quantron AG also offers new e-commercial vehicles – fully customized to meet customers’ requirements and requests. Available Q-vehicles range from electric vans to e-buses and electric heavy-duty semi-tractors. High-quality and robust drive and battery technology ensure smooth vehicle operation in everyday practical use – whether vehicles have a gross combined weight of 3.49 or 44 metric tons (7,694 or 97,000 lbs).

The Quantron AG product range also includes hybrid models, e.g., based on the Iveco Daily, plus commercial vehicles with fuel cells.

Funding programs

Appropriate financial incentives in the form of funding programs have been introduced to promote the integration of alternative drives in municipal and corporate fleets. These are very complex, however, and differ in terms of amount and conditions depending on the federal state, municipal authority and city. Getting all the details right and securing the maximum funding is very complex and time-consuming without specific expertise.

That is why our Q-Consulting specialists are at your service to answer any questions. They will work with you to devise a personalized overall concept for successful realization. Get in touch – we are happy to help.

Get in touch – we are happy to help.


3.49 to 7.2 metric tons

more vehicles


7.49 to 18 metric tons

more vehicles


18 to 44 metric tons

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passenger vans to buses

more vehicles

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