World premiere: QUANTRON FCEV EU Heavy Truck

The FCEV truck will be available from the second quarter of 2023 and is designed for heavy-duty and long-haul applications.

On board, the QUANTRON FCEV EU Heavy Truck has a Ballard Power H2 fuel cell as well as an integrated e-axle from a globally leading drive specialist. The unique selling points, which are best-in-class in the existing competitive segment, include among other things uncompromising suitability for everyday use with an overnight cab for drivers on long hauls and the option to use ISO standard trailers and bodies. The FCEV Heavy Truck will feature a hydrogen tank capacity well exceeding 50 kg stored H2.


  • 600-700 km real range (max. load)
  • long sleeper cabin and standard ISO-trailer possible
  • optimized aerodynamics
  • best in class tank-capacity for maximum range
  • almost no changes in payload
  • capable to refuel @ 350 or 700 bar
  • tractor unit & chassis with different configurations – from 3600+ mm wheelbase

Maximum range without restrictions in cabin and trailer length.

Vehicle data FCEV EU Heavy Truck*

Continuous engine performance:

approx. 400 kW

Max. range:

700 km

Tank capacity:

over 50 kg H2

Battery capacity:

approx. 120 kWh

Fuel cell performance:

240 kW

Axle configuration:

4×2, 6×2

Fuel cell advantages:

  • high range
  • local emission-free for CO2, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, only water vapor is emitted
  • high system efficiency: identical performance characteristics as diesel vehicles
  • tax and toll exemption
  • lower maintenance and operating costs than conventional diesel vehicles

*All information refers to the status as of June 2022. QUANTRON AG reserves the right to change the technical properties and specifications of its products without prior notice. The operating range was simulated according to WLTP and varies depending on the payload and driving profile.

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