Our battery solutions

Quantron AG also helps you to reduce your carbon footprint. We have the right battery solution for almost any application. This is made possible by our module battery system. The included battery packs cover different voltages and capacities.

Get in touch and together we will find the right solution for your individual needs!


Think Green

Second-life battery

As soon as the batteries have reached the end of their service life as drive batteries, they are put to work in their second life as stationary power sources (e.g., connected to photovoltaic systems as energy stores, for charging e-vehicles, and absorbing power peaks).

Standard Cell2Pack batteries

Modular battery solutions based on NMC

Individual battery projects

We offer our customers individual, cost-effective, flexible, and powerful battery solutions for a wide variety of applications and set standards for electric drives in the process.

We follow a specific process to find you the perfect battery solution:

  • Needs assessment: we need to understand what you as the customer are looking for and require.
  • Conceptual design and prototype construction: we create and provide proof that our concept/product works for your application.
  • Industrialization: we produce the solution in small to large quantities, as needed.
  • certification and approval: we supervise and take care of the relevant tests, documentation, and inspections, e.g., for road approval.


Get in touch! Together we will find the right solutions for your projects and applications.


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