Our Q-Charging series

Our Q-Charging series is a range of products relating to electric vehicle charging.

Our IT and charging specialists have come up with a few ideas to supply the infrastructure for charging stations. Our products are all equipped with the latest technology and are easy to use.

We have integrated a universal pay system to make paying as simple as possible, but also versatile. The LRM17 Open Park, a terminal that is only used for paying, is even compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay. This makes the LRM17 almost indispensable for e-parking lots. The LRM16 Star Park is not just for payment, as it also has an integrated charging point.

The LRM series also includes the LRM17 Easy Park. This is the all-rounder of the series. The all-in-one charging station has an integrated modern payment system and a charging capacity of up to 44 kW. Thus, it combines all features and is extremely space-saving.

All LRM16/17 payment terminals are compatible with other Q-Charging models.

Such as the KeContact Wallbox. It is controlled via the LRM16/17 models and requires very little space thanks to the option of wall-mounting. It is compatible with type 2 sockets or type 2 charging cables.

The classic AC charger has a charging capacity of up to 44 kW and can be used as a freely accessible standalone charging point.

The compact DC24 Wallbox requires very little effort to install. It is also compatible with LRM17/16.

We also have two models in the range for people who don’t want to wait a long time to charge. First the DC Fast Charger: with up to 180 kW, it is possible to charge up to 200 km in less than ten minutes. A payment system is also integrated into the multi-functional charging station.

This model can be expanded using the Power Unit. It supplies the necessary power to the DC Fast Charger station and can be positioned up to 100 km away, both inside and outside.

The DC Ultra Fast Charger is one size bigger. One of the smallest ultra-fast chargers currently available on the market – for both cars and trucks. As the name suggests, this model features an incredible charging capacity of up to 500 kW.

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