Individual financing and leasing options

Are you affected by traffic bans and/or higher taxes? Or are you just interested in sustainable drives? At Quantron AG we electrify your existing and used vehicles, but you can also purchase new commercial vehicles from us.

Converting your fleet to e-mobility of course means spending some money. We offer customized solutions to suit your needs. We look at the situation and your goals with you and devise suitable long-term rental, financing or leasing options. We can also help you apply for state funding, which makes it easier to switch to e-mobility. But we also offer you even more.

We make you buy-back offers for your vehicles and can also suggest customized financing and leasing options for the batteries thanks to our Q-Battery division. You can also buy the batteries from us direct. Our batteries come with a five-year warranty.

Have we piqued your interest, or do you have specific questions?
Then contact us
for our e-commercial vehicles at sales@quantron.net
and for our batteries at qbattery@quantron.net

We look forward to taking the journey to e-mobility with you and providing you with full support along the way.


An overview of what we offer:

– joint analysis of the situation and identification of the right strategy

– individual long-term rental, financing and leasing options

– buy-back offers for your vehicles

– financing and leasing models for the batteries

– 5-year battery warranty

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