Handelsblatt Energy Award 2019 am 20. Janaur 2020 in der Classic


European Transport Award for Sustainability 2022

Winner of the category vans and delivery trucks

On November 18th, 2021, the Transport newspaper awarded the European Transport Award for Sustainability for the sixth time in a row to 15 award winners in 15 categories. This year, 60 companies applied, more than ever before. The awards went to companies in the commercial vehicle sector that reconcile economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection to a particular degree, and whose sustainable actions lead to further growth and prosperity.

Winning the award for the Q-Light BEV (100% electric transport vehicle) in the category vans and delivery trucks confirms the innovative and sustainable work of Quantron AG.

We are happy about the award, thank the jury as well as the organizers and congratulate all winners for their outstanding achievements.

German Innovation Award 2021

Winner of the E-Mobility category (Excellence in Business to Customer)

Quantron AG won the German Innovation Award 2021 (Excellence in Business to Customer) in the E-Mobility category for its innovative character and sustainable work for its customers. This award honors products and solutions (cross-sector) that stand out compared to previous solutions, primarily due to user focus and added value. We congratulate all participants and winners on their amazing innovations. Thanks also go to the expert jury and the organizers of the award.

eMove360 Award for E-Mobility & Autonomous Driving

Winner in the “Electric Vehicles” category

It all began with one man’s vision – and after a lot of work we are thrilled to have won the eMove360 Award for Electromobility & Autonomous Driving 2020 in the “Electric Vehicles” category. As the successor to Jaguar, we congratulate Daimler and Webasto and all other winners, finalists and participants on their innovative products and concepts. We look forward to future cooperation, because only together can we achieve the transition to a sustainable world. Our thanks also go to the expert jury and all the organizers of the award and eMove360 Hybrid 2020.

Handelsblatt Energy Award 2019/2020

Ranked among the TOP 3

Just 6 months after it was founded, Quantron AG was chosen as one of the TOP 3 for the Handelsblatt Energy Award 2019/2020 in the Mobility category despite its young age. The finalists and winners of the prestigious award are chosen by the Energy Academy, which reflects a cross-section of the industry (e.g., politicians, engineers, scientists, CEOs and board members of energy companies, professors, managers). In the view of this expert jury, this TOP ranking confirms Quantron AG’s excellent performance and the path it is taking to e-mobility.

e4 TESTIVAL Start-up Award 2020

Ranked among the TOP finalists

Quantron AG achieved an outstanding position among the TOP finalists at this year’s e4 TESTIVAL Start-up Award. The award encourages the development of new ideas and concepts for future mobility under the motto “Transforming Mobility 2020”. The expert jury panel named Quantron AG as a finalist for the award because of its innovations and products. The Baden-Württemberg Transport Minister, Winfried Hermann (Member of the state parliament), is the patron of the e4 TESTIVAL Start-up Award. This confirms all Quantron AG’s hard work to promote e-mobility in inner-city and regional passenger and cargo transportation.

Smarter E Award 2020

Finalist in the “SMART RENEWABLE ENERGY” category

“The Smarter E” is the world’s leading series of exhibitions and conferences for the new energy world. It combines four exhibitions in one and showcases cross-sector solutions and technologies for an intelligent, sustainable, and cost-effective future energy supply. Quantron AG was chosen by a distinguished expert jury as one of the 9 best companies in this sector from hundreds of applicants worldwide. This outstanding achievement also confirms our efforts to promote e-mobility in regional and inner-city passenger and cargo transportation.

Grand Prix of Small and Medium Business 2020

Named among the TOP applicants in the jury stage

Quantron AG was nominated for the Grand Prix of Small and Medium Business (Großer Preis des Mittelstandes), confirming its position as a leading small or medium-sized enterprise in Germany. Only every 1000th company in Germany gets the honor of being nominated by the public, political representatives, institutions, or other companies. Quantron then reached the jury stage of the prestigious competition, thereby achieving a ranking among the TOP applicants. Although we did not win the award in the end, reaching the jury stage is a fantastic achievement and reinforces our commitment to develop quiet and zero-emission drive technologies for commercial vehicles and our all-encompassing range of services.

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