Philosophy & values

Philosophy & values


These values accompany QUANTRON into a sustainable future.
Together with our more than 100 employees from more than 14 nations
we carry these attributes forward in order to change the planet sustainably.

QUANTRON is not just another OEM and e-vehicle manufacturer.
QUANTRON sees itself as a partner to OEMs with a
360° zero emission product & solution ecosystem.


As a high-tech spin-off of the Haller Group, we are building on
140 years of experience in the commercial vehicle industry and
are confident of developing holistic service solutions
that achieve zero emissions with a real positive impact
on the environment.
This is how we bring about real change and make a sustainable
contribution to the decarbonisation of road transport.

Together we are shaping the future!


QUANTRON leverages best-in-class technology and platform partnerships
to develop clean and responsible mobility solutions for people
and goods that positively impact the entire value chain and
the future of the planet.


QUANTRON creates a positive movement for a better world. Our goal
is to develop a sustainable transportation technology that is reliable
and accessible to all.
QUANTRON brings together the best of science, technology and
customer expertise to change our future.
This is who we are and what we are made of.

We call it: Empower the Future.

Zero emissions are just the beginning

QUANTRON will lead the energy revolution towards a new mobility model for goods and people based on electricity and hydrogen H2. We believe in a better world: cleaner, more sustainable, greener and much more energy efficient.

QUANTRON uses the best technologies to develop clean and responsible mobility solutions that are accessible to all and have a positive impact on the entire value chain and the future of our planet.