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Bee sponsorship

QUANTRON bee sponsorship with over 250,000 bees

It is well known that all kinds of bees are very important for our lives. Accordingly, there are many reasons to adopt honey bees. That is why we decided to work with BUSINESS BIENE as a full-service partner.

With our bee sponsorship, we are allowed to regularly look over the shoulders of professional beekeepers during their visits to our company premises. The experienced beekeeping team professionally carries out all beekeeping work on our company premises during the year, answers our questions and trains our employees who are interested in the future care of the bees.

We are very happy to be able to contribute to the preservation of the environment and bee life through our efforts!

For the sake of the environment

Take responsibility & actively do something good for the environment

Bees give everything for their environment and we humans benefit daily from the products of their services. Now it is up to us to give the bees the attention they deserve and give something back.

This is why we have become a corporate sponsor for honey bees. Together as a team with BUSINESS BIENE, we want to help save 10 billion bee lives.

That’s why we are honey bee sponsors:

  • support the expansion of the local bee population
  • safeguard our nature and biodiversity for future generations
  • create important regional jobs for beekeepers
  • raise awareness for the preservation of bee life
  • give bees and beekeeping a more important place in our society

Counteracting bee mortality

We help the bees – nature’s wonderful helpers

Honey bees are central to our ecosystem, as bees are responsible for over 80% of the natural pollination of all plant species. This means that many plant species will become extinct if there is no more bee pollination – plants, animals and humans would not be viable. We owe around 1/3 of all the food we obtain on earth to bees through their industrious pollination.

Unfortunately, the bee population is still significantly lower than it was decades ago – this is due to a combination of factors, including industrial agriculture, monocultures leading to less fertile soils, the use of pesticides and chemicals against parasites, and climate change.

We have chosen to save bee lives, support beekeepers and expand honeybee habitat through our corporate sponsorship to counteract bee mortality.


Own honey from bee sponsorship

With our bee sponsorship we want to make our company more sustainable and contribute to the preservation of bee life & the environment.

With the professional support of the beekeeping team, we learn a lot of new things about beekeeping and learn many exciting facts about honey bees.
In addition, we can harvest our own company honey and pester the beekeeping teams with questions as they go about their work.

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