The entire spectrum of e-mobility

There are almost no limits at Quantron AG: customers are given two different options for converting to e-mobility. Thanks to Q-retrofit of used and existing vehicles, customers can electrify and continue using their existing fleet. If that is not an option, Quantron AG also offers new e-commercial vehicles – fully customized to meet customers’ requirements and requests. Available Q-vehicles range from electric vans to e-buses and electric heavy-duty semi-tractors. High-quality and robust drive and battery technology ensure smooth vehicle operation in everyday practical use – whether vehicles have a gross combined weight of 3.49 up to 65* metric tons.

*depending on registration limits


From 3.49 to 7.2 metric tons: our Q-Light range includes electric vehicles for passenger transportation and inner-city deliveries – such as electric passenger vans, cargo vans, panel vans and flatbed vans. The Q-Light range also includes hydrogen vehicles.


Gross combined weight of 18 to 65* metric tons: our heavy e-trucks are used as electrically powered truck-trailers, semi-trailers, dump semi-trailers or concrete mixers – maximum efficiency and low noise with no emissions.

*depending on registration limits