QHD 50-280 BEV

QHD 50-280 BEV

Emission-free and quiet

With the QHD 50-280 tractor unit (based on DAF CF), Quantron AG is expanding its portfolio of heavy-duty commercial vehicles on battery-electric basis. In (inner-city) local traffic, the tractor unit moves quietly and 100 % emission-free, which is a benefit for residents and employees in and around the vehicles. They are also perfectly suited for use at the edge of the day and at night. In contrast to classic combustion engines, the BEV models are ideal for stop-and-go use and cause significantly lower maintenance and repair costs.

Vehicle data QHD 50-280

Motor power:

max. 350 kW

System voltage:

650 Volt


max. 3.500 Nm


up to 180 km*

Max. speed:

85 km/h

Battery capacity:

280 kWh

On-bord charger (AC):

400 V – 63 A / 44 kW

Charging time (with SOC 10 %/50%):

6 h / 3 h

Fast charging (DC):

CCS II / 150 A

Fast charging time:

approx. 2 h

Homologated climbing performance:

min. 12 %**

Wheel base:

3.800 mm

Fifth wheel height:

approx. 1.140 mm

Tare weight with 280 kWh:

9.155 kg***

Permissible fifth wheel load:

9.845 kg***

*Depending on the actual load, driving style, topography, number of stops and speed. Calculated on the basis of an average 50% load.

**Based on the minimum requirements for national road approval.

***Weights according to homologation and approval: demo truck tractor with 280 kWh battery capacity.>/em>

QHD 50-280






Engine Power


Fast charging time


  • New vehicles as well as retrofitting of existing and used vehicles possible
  • Toll and tax exemption
  • Quiet and emission-free operation: benefit for residents and employees in and around the vehicles
  • Permissible total towing weight up to 50,000 kg
  • Tractor unit according to ISO 1726 standard semi-trailer load comparable to corresponding diesel variants
  • Easy driver changeover due to familiar controls
  • Long-distance cab with rest area
  • Fully automatic transmission with recuperation and retarder, ideal for stop-and-go
  • All standard semi-trailer heights available such as 1140 mm
  • Lower maintenance, repair and operating costs compared to diesel vehicles
  • Enhancement of own company image through sustainable transports
  • State subsidies

* Availability and amount of state subsidies depend on the country of the applicant

Empower the Future 

Day after day, tons of goods of all kinds are picked up and delivered. From company to company, from logistics centres to private households. Freight transport has increased massively worldwide in recent years and continues to grow: that’s why it’s important to have the right transport means.

At QUANTRON, we are enabling a future that makes transporting goods efficient, sustainable and clean.

Environmentally friendly, quiet, reliable and safe – that is the QHD 50-280 BEV.

QHD with semi-trailer.

Further information can be found in our QHD brochure.

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