From 3.49 to 7.2 metric tons (7,694 to 16,500 lbs): Our Q-Light vehicles are available with various environmentally friendly drives: pure electric, or hydrogen. Whether passenger transportation or inner-city deliveries, we have the right model for your needs, such as passenger vans, cargo vans, panel vans and flatbed vans.

Q-Light BEV

Battery electric models from 3.5 to 7.2 metric tons

The QLI BEV models are locally emission-free and quiet on the road, making them ideal for use at the edges of the day and at night. A benefit for residents and employees. Unlike classic combustion engines, they are ideal for stop-and-go use.

Q-Light FCEV

Fuel-cell transporter 4,2 metric tons

Thanks to its wide range of superstructures the QLI FCEV can be used flexibly in different areas of application, e. g. in the logistics industry o ras a delivery vehicle. The payload of the quiet and emission-free QLI FCEV is analogous to that of a comparable diesel vehicle and the same applies to refuelling times.


Emission-free and flexible in use

Transport in inner cities and the last mile is a major issue. Due to the increasing number of deliveries every day, traffic noise and exhaust pollution from transport vehicles are steadily increasing. The QUANTRON QARGO was specially developed to make these journeys as pleasant and sustainable as possible for local residents and drivers.