Order the QARGO 4 EV now

  • Quiet and emission free
  • Tested range 200 km* (WLTP 250 km)
  • Fully charged in approx. 1 hour (DC charging)
  • Batteries from CATL (the world’s largest battery manufacturer)
  • Delivery time about 6 weeks
  • The price starts at a limited offer to the first 50 buyers with an MSRP of € 67,500**
  • State subsidies***

The QUANTRON QARGO 4 EV is the ideal vehicle for sustainable last-mile transportation. With the Alltrucks network, QUANTRON also ensures a Europe-wide service for its vehicles for buyers outside Germany.


* fully loaded, mixed profil
** without country specific VAT. The displayed vehicle contains optional features, which are not included in the price stated here.
*** availability and amount of state subsidies depend on the country of the applicant



QUANTRON’s vision is a greener world for us and future generations. With zero-emission commercial vehicles, we are making our contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and to achieve global climate goals.

The QUANTRON QARGO has been specially designed to make inner-city and last-mile transport as pleasant and sustainable as possible.
A wide range of extension and mounting options makes the QARGO completely flexible in its application and offers the ideal solution for every requirement. Whether for municipal services, gardening, furniture transport or food delivery – the QUANTRON QARGO can be used flexibly in a wide range of applications.

You can find all important information about the QUANTRON QARGO in our brochure.

Vehicle data QARGO 4 EV

Max. motor power:

120 kW

Tested range / WLTP:

200* / 250 km

Battery capacity:

81 kWh

Charging time (DC):

ca. 1 h

Charging Power DC / AC:

70 / 6,6 kW

Payload chassis:

ca. 1900 kg

Wheel base:

3308 mm


4250 kg


available now

* fully loaded, mixed profile




Payload chassis


Motor power


Charging time (DC)

Empower the Future 

Day after day, tons of goods of all kinds are picked up and delivered. From company to company, from logistics centres to private households. This last-mile traffic is increasing massively worldwide: that’s why the right means of transport matters.

At QUANTRON, we are enabling a future where zero-emission last-mile delivery makes urban logistics efficient, sustainable and clean. And in doing so, making cities around the world emission-free, quieter and more liveable.

Environmentally friendly, quiet, reliable and safe – that is the QUANTRON QARGO.

Proven Technology

The QUANTRON QARGO impresses not only with its environmental friendliness, but also with its high safety standards. The short driver’s cab offers optimal visibility of objects directly in front of the vehicle.

The van is equipped with automatic safety systems such as lane departure warning and emergency brake assist.

The CATL battery used is cobalt-free and features extremely flame-retardant lithium iron phosphate (LFP) technology.


QARGO – That’s why

  • attractive entry price
  • agile handling and compact size
  • high tested range of 200 km (fully loaded, mixed profile)
  • proven and reliable technology
  • high level of safety thanks to emergency braking and lane departure warning systems
  • quiet drive
  • no CO2 emissions during operation
  • Central motor
  • all-round support through the QUANTRON Ecosystem
  • low maintenance, repair and operating costs compared to diesel vehicles
0015-Quantron_QLight-9824 web

The QUANTRON QARGO is a prime example of a modern light truck. The unique exterior design clearly sets the vehicle apart from other trucks on the market.


The QUANTRON logo can be found in many details of the vehicle – a symbol for the three brand values “Reliable, Energetic, Brave”.


Energetic blue lines along the entire exterior and interior not only express the bold character of the vehicle, but also refer to the all-electric, zero-emission powertrain.


The truck’s minimal interior design, with its modern dashboard and cluster, gives the driver a sense of grandeur not found in conventional trucks.

Flexible and versatile

The QARGO offers a wide range of solutions for the most diverse transport requirements:

  • Chassis to accommodate a wide range of body types:
    Municipal bodies, dry freight boxes, flatbeds, etc.
  • Weight-optimised ladder frame for high payload and also heavy superstructures if necessary
  • Long, usable frame length for boxes with large loading volume

Further features such as light detectors for automatic lighting as well as a reversing camera are optionally available. Please contact us: sales@quantron.net


The name QARGO stands not only for its similarity to “Cargo” but also for a combination of “Q” for Quantron and “Argo” in reference to the ship of the same name on which, according to Greek myth, Iason and the Argonauts sailed to find the Golden Fleece.


Further information you can find in our QARGO brochure.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.