Quantron US, a subsidiary of the Quantron AG based in Germany, will bring range-leading hydrogen-powered trucks and an industry-first 360° solution platform to the US market.   

Based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Quantron US brings together a management team with an average experience of 35+ years in automotive and truck  evelopment with Quantron AG´s and Haller Group´s 140 years of commercial vehicle experience.    

Our 360° solution – Quantron-as-a-Service – gives fleets access to a turnkey offer that includes FCEV trucks, hydrogen, hydrogen refueling stations, and a broad array of solutions. This is available on a cost-per-mile basis and designed to help customers easily and efficiently manage the complicated transition to hydrogen-powered, zero carbon fleets.

Statement by Andreas Haller,
Founder & Executive Chairman of Quantron AG:

“It’s great to see how quickly Quantron USA, Inc. has grown in recent months. There is a high demand for zero-emission trucks for transportation in the heavy truck class in the USA. Together with this talented and motivated team, we will work to bring the first hydrogen-electric QUANTRON Class 8 truck to the U.S. market later in 2023.”



For the successful development of our FCEV Class 8 tractor, our highly experienced supply chain team surveyed the emerging technology supply base globally for compatible components and systems. We have identified suppliers and partners with the most comprehensive and detailed development programs, the most realistic outlook for best-inclass performance, and their associated industrialization plans. Our team of experienced automotive engineering experts, in conjunction with our carefully selected supply base, are working diligently to optimize the overall performance of this vehicle.

We will continue this process of partnering and optimizing as this nascent industry segment moves forward, with the latest and most robust strategies always at the forefront of our efforts. In this way, as the ecosystem for FCEV Class 8 vehicles evolves, QUANTRON will continue to be at the leading edge as this segment develops from first technology projects today to high volume industrial production over the next decade. Being flexible and remaining on the forefront of this journey is how QUANTRON will remain a key player in the segment over the long-term.


Preliminary Technical Specification

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW):

82,000 lbs

Wheelbase / Axle config.

190″ (6×4)

Motor power cont. / peak:

400 kW / 500 kW

Battery capacity:

200 kWh*

Hydrogen capacity:

100 kg** @ 700 bar

Max. range:

650 – 750+ miles***

Max Speed:

75 mph

Fuel cell power:

224 kW – 240 kW

Refueling time:

10 – 15 min****

Payload delta v. Diesel:

less than 1000 lbs

* Concept Demo is 110 kWh. 200 kWh solution available 2Q 2023.
** Concept Demo is 80 kg. The 100 kg solution available 4Q 2024.
*** Fully loaded range @65mph is ~750 miles
**** Refueling time is currently being designed to SAE J2601-5, which considers 300g/s as the target.

The first models available will be Day Cab, however we are targeting to introduce a model with a sleeper cabin by the second half of 2024





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