Innovative and customized solutions to suit your needs

Quantron AG also helps you to reduce your CO2 footprint. We offer you individual, cost-effective, flexible and powerful battery solutions (standard Cell2Pack batteries, modular battery solutions based on NMC) for a wide range of applications, setting standards for electric drives. This is made possible by our modular battery system. The battery packs it contains cover various voltages and capacities. Thanks to our second-life approach, the batteries used at the physical end as drive batteries are given a second life in the stationary sector (e.g. in conjunction with photovoltaics as energy storage).

In the field of charging, we also offer solutions for all aspects of charging e-vehicles, all equipped with the latest technology and easy to operate.

Do you have questions about our battery solutions? Contact us, our battery specialists will be happy to help you.

Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

We also offer customized solutions involving energy storage systems (ESS) for a wide range of applications:

  • scalable battery modules
  • self-sufficient
  • ideal for energy storage
  • no dependency on power grid fluctuations
  • energy storage for vehicle charging stations
  • etc.

Contact us, our battery specialists will advise you and help you implement your individual project.