GenZ meets QUANTRON Executive Board

Insights into the everyday life of top management

As part of a one-week work internship, QUANTRON gave 19-year-old Kian, a GenZ representative, the unique opportunity to experience the day-to-day work of a top manager firsthand. As a young A-level student in his orientation year, who is enthusiastic about both the corporate world and the fascination of management, this was an incomparable opportunity to gain valuable insights into the innermost workings of company management.

QUANTRON is hereby venturing an experiment, which is so rare: a young school leaver, who still has his entire professional career ahead of him, meets four ambitious board members who have already reached the top of the career ladder. He is given direct and unfiltered insights into the everyday professional life of top management.

The look behind the scenes

He was allowed to experience firsthand how decisions were made, strategies developed, and operational challenges overcome. The look behind the scenes made it possible to get to know the extensive range of tasks of a managing director.

But here the board not only shares its knowledge and experience, it is also encouraged and willing to listen to what a 19-year-old young man with all his not-yet-existing life experience has to say about men in top management. This unfiltered feedback gave the QUANTRON board a unique opportunity to think and reflect on things that are important but often lost in everyday professional life.

Experiment with different generations

For QUANTRON, this was an experiment and an empirical experience to directly encounter two generations that are far apart and also have very different world views, and to get unfiltered feedback reflected back.

This experiment has shown that QUANTRON stands for innovative spirit, flexibility, and a unique out-of-the-box mentality. Even though the company culture is still evolving, it is clear that honest exchange, innovation, knowledge transfer, and mentoring are key elements of growth.

In the following, Kian reports on his impressions during this special week.

QUANTRON – Where Ambition meets Impact

My name is Kian, I’m 19 years old, and I have been in a gap year since my A-levels. Last week, I was allowed to do a work placement at QUANTRON and accompanied the Executive Board in their daily work for three days. The aim was to get insight into how Boomers and GenZ differ in today’s working world.

I was very excited about the internship, but despite the information I had gathered in advance, I didn’t have much of an idea of what QUANTRON actually does. However, as soon as I arrived, I got a very concrete picture.

I immediately noticed that Andreas Haller believes in his project with complete conviction

During a guided tour of the company, I was shown the trucks in production. It was simply fascinating to see a moving truck that doesn’t smell of the usual exhaust fumes, but only discharges water. My first conversation with Andreas Haller, the founder of QUANTRON, was short, but I immediately noticed that Andreas believes in his project with complete conviction and all his heart and is committed to it with all his strength. I liked that very much.

I was extremely impressed by the courageous step Andreas Haller took to found the company.

I quickly realized that the CEO is a professional

After that, I spent the rest of the day in meetings with the CEO, Michael Perschke. Even though I didn’t know exactly what it was all about, I quickly realized that the CEO is a professional. Michael’s ability to manage his huge pile of work and keep a cool head at the same time is something I have never seen before. He manages to master the daily business in a variety of communication channels, constantly guide others, weigh up and make decisions, communicate them appropriately, and still find time to stimulate exchange with me. Michael is a genius not only strategically but also operationally.

With the right focus and sufficient commitment, you can achieve a lot in life

The second day was very cool. The CTO René-Christopher Wollmann picked me up right in the morning and we immediately got started on the topics. With René, I got to know the bundle of energy of a top manager, which actually inspired me personally a lot. The professionalism and timing with which he goes through his meetings and the extensive knowledge he delivers is unique. I was also very impressed by his career so far, as it showed me that you can achieve a lot in life with the right focus and sufficient commitment.

Day three started with meetings again. Here I was allowed to delve into the area of investor relations and then have a conversation with board member and founding member Herbert Robel. I respect him very much. He made an extremely intelligent, thoughtful and reflective impression on me. As the oldest of the four board members, he seemed to me to bring a lot of charm, but also the necessary composure and calm to this very dynamic board quartet. His coolness and wisdom give me the impression that he is the link between the four very different personalities.

My overall conclusion

As an overall conclusion, I can say that in the three days at QUANTRON, beyond the board of directors, I have only met unique personalities who are all super fit. What almost everyone has in common is that they strive for flexibility in their work and something that fulfils them. You can find both at QUANTRON. Each of the four directors has their own personality and brings the necessary passion and sufficient spirit to the company, which is what makes this winning team so successful. It became clear to me that a managing director not only has to be an expert in his field, but should also have the ability to see the big picture and make strategic decisions in the interests of the company.

But I have to say at this point that there is one critical point I would like to mention. Because QUANTRON is so ambitious, I have come to feel that the high workload that comes with it means that communication in the company suffers a little, which leads to a bit of a mess from time to time. I just hope that QUANTRON doesn’t get in its own way in the future with such little things like communication, when it can be avoided quite easily. But all this could simply be due to the current phase the young company is going through.

The difference in the generations is not that big

During my internship, I not only gained valuable professional experience, but also learned valuable lessons for my own future actions. I realised how important it is to have an open mind and a willingness to learn in order to always embrace change and adapt to new challenges. The board members I have been privileged to accompany have shown me that success does not only depend on professional competence, but also on the ability to be an inspiring and visionary leader. So, in terms of the “motto” of the internship, the difference between me, the GenZ, and boomers was not that big. My generation also strives to do something where you enjoy a lot of freedom of choice and at the same time do something that makes you feel good and helps the world.

Thank you, QUANTRON, for this exciting and unforgettable internship experience! I look forward to following your continued success and contribution to the sustainable future you are creating.