Gross combined weight of 18 to 65* metric tons (40,000 to 97,000 lbs): our heavy e-trucks are used as electrically powered truck-trailers, semi-trailers, dump semi-trailers or concrete mixers – maximum efficiency and low noise with no emissions.

*Depending on registration limits


Emission-free power

Our QHM FCEV Heavy Truck is the emission-free solution for heavy-duty and long-distance use. World-class components are bundled in this vehicle: the QUANTRON INSIDE energy management system & the Ballard Power FCmove™-XD fuel cell.
And that’s just the beginning. Our QHM FCEV has much more to offer.


High flexibility

The battery-electric QUANTRON QHM BEV has a maximum motor power of 375 kW and achieves a range of up to 300 km. A powerful partner for everyday work.

QHB waste collection vehicle

Zero-emission and quiet

The QHB 27-280 (based on the Mercedes-Benz Econic) has been on the road in Germany since mid-2020 and has been successfully tested in over 30 waste disposal companies. The vehicle is powerful, yet quiet and emission-free – the optimal choice for municipalities and private waste disposal companies.


QHD 50-280 tractor unit

100 % electric on the road

With the QHD 50-280 tractor unit, Quantron AG is expanding its portfolio of heavy-duty commercial vehicles on a battery-electric basis. Different superstructure solutions allow a wide range of applications in urban areas – quiet and emission-free.

QUANTRON QHD BEV 50-280 Sattelzugmaschine 4x2 (1) low res