Flexibility through a wide range of variants

The battery-electric QUANTRON QHM BEV is available as a tractor unit QUANTRON QHM BEV 44-400 and as a chassis QUANTRON QHM BEV 27-400 in a wide range of variants.

The high-voltage battery of up to 392 kWh can be charged with power of up to 350 kW DC and has a range of up to 350 km depending on weight and topographical requirements.

In contrast to classic combustion engines, the BEV models are ideal for stop-and-go use and incur significantly lower maintenance and repair costs.

Vehicle data QHM example configuration

BEV 44-400 / BEV 27-400

Max. motor power:

375 kW

Max. range:

up to 300 km / up to 350 km

Battery capacity:

280-392 kWh

Charging time:

20-80 % SOC in less than 1 h

Max. charging capacity (DC):

350 kW

Min. wheelbase:

3600 mm

BEV 44-400 and BEV 27-400






Engine Power


Charging time (DC)


  • Close-to-production concept vehicle, available in a wide range of variants
  • Electrification without changing the power take-off technology in the area of “engine-dependent power take-off” or “transmission-dependent power take-off”
  • Up to 392 kWh large high-voltage battery
  • Range up to 350 km
  • Maximum standardisation and ease of assembly
  • Ideal for stop-and-go
  • Quiet and emission-free operation: benefit for residents and employees
  • Lower maintenance, repair and operating costs than comparable diesel models
  • Enhancement of own company image through sustainable transports
  • Government subsidies*

*State subsidies depend on the respective federal state and the individual requirements of the applicant.

QHM BEV: Q-Retrofit 

QUANTRON focuses on sustainability in everything it does. Our Q-Retrofit in particular saves further emissions from a new vehicle production, as the drive train of an existing vehicle is converted from diesel to a hydrogen-powered solution – an enormous potential for effective resource conservation and our environment.


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QUANTRON AERO KIT: „smart“ minor changes lead to range improvements 

  • Ca. 20 % drag reduction
  • Ca. 10% range improvement
  • With only minor changes
  • QUANTRON & aeco.green expertise
  • Bespoke QUANTRON design-language for optimised airflow and maximum efficiency

Empower the Future 

Every day, tons of goods of all kinds are transported and delivered all over the world – in urban areas, in the countryside or on factory premises. This traffic is increasing massively worldwide: that’s why it’s all about having the right vehicle.

At QUANTRON, we are enabling a future where zero-emission transport is efficient, sustainable and clean.

Environmentally friendly, quiet, reliable and safe – that is the QHM BEV.


Further information you can find in our Q-heavy brochure.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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