Funding programs

Funding programs

We support you from A to Z on your journey to a sustainable fleet.

Integrating alternative drives in municipal and corporate fleets is a complex undertaking and does not happen overnight. The investments involved should not be used as an excuse not to look at this issue more closely though. Indeed, financial incentives in the form of funding programs have been created to make conversion easier. These programs do differ in terms of amount and conditions depending on the federal state, municipal authority, or city.

Keeping a constant overview and getting everything right without expertise or securing the maximum financial support is very complex and time-consuming.

That is why our Q-Consulting specialists are at your service and will work with you to create an overall concept tailored to your specific needs. This includes a needs assessment, consulting and support for funding opportunities, purchase / rental / financing and leasing options, the e-vehicles, integration of the necessary infrastructure and driver training for efficient use of your fleet.

We bring clarity to your project and support you through all the stages needed to achieve your zero-emission future!

Get in touch – we are happy to help.

See the Q-Consulting section for more information on our consulting and other services.


3.49 to 7.2 metric tons

more vehicles


7.49 to 18 metric tons

more vehicles


18 to 44 metric tons

more vehicles


passenger vans to buses

more vehicles

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